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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

More Panzer Grenadier and Blucher Action

Had a great time over the weekend playing some Blucher. This time around I had a go at playing a very small battle that was part of a scenario. My copy of the classic, Scenarios for All Ages came in handy once again as I based on the game on Scenario 10 - the Important Bridge. What a great game. It turned out much better than I had expected. I won't give away the winner in the fight, as the video has yet to be posted, but needless to say it proves such small scenario based games are quite enjoyable from the normal points based game. Another feature of this battle was that I made full use of the Blucher cards - something I have never really done before. I really enjoyed the cards, I must say. They looked good on the table with my little soldiers placed on top. In addition, having all the information right there was very helpful. I am considering making proper wood trays for this purpose so I can pop my lil miniatures on them. Perhaps I will add some extra space for information such as elan. Hmmm... I like this idea actually. More on this over on my other blog, Shako & Bayonet. Well worth a go.

In regards to rules reviews, next up are the rules, Napoleon's Battles IV - a setoff classic Napoleonic rules recently released last year.

Some of the rules I am working on to post complete reviews.
Until then, expect some more videos posted on Panzer Grenadier, as well as a full BatRep of my latest Blucher battle. Below are some pics from the fight.

Cya next time.


The "Nashville" Battle Mat by Cigar Box was my inspiration for the scenario.

The French took up positions early, extending along a stream.

The Russians had a clear advantage having the high ground overlooking one of the main objectives - a village/bridge.

The cards  really came in handy - and looked great too!

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