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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

More Panzer Grenadier and Blucher Action

Had a great time over the weekend playing some Blucher. This time around I had a go at playing a very small battle that was part of a scenario. My copy of the classic, Scenarios for All Ages came in handy once again as I based on the game on Scenario 10 - the Important Bridge. What a great game. It turned out much better than I had expected. I won't give away the winner in the fight, as the video has yet to be posted, but needless to say it proves such small scenario based games are quite enjoyable from the normal points based game. Another feature of this battle was that I made full use of the Blucher cards - something I have never really done before. I really enjoyed the cards, I must say. They looked good on the table with my little soldiers placed on top. In addition, having all the information right there was very helpful. I am considering making proper wood trays for this purpose so I can pop my lil miniatures on them. Perhaps I will add some extra space for information such as elan. Hmmm... I like this idea actually. More on this over on my other blog, Shako & Bayonet. Well worth a go.

In regards to rules reviews, next up are the rules, Napoleon's Battles IV - a setoff classic Napoleonic rules recently released last year.

Some of the rules I am working on to post complete reviews.
Until then, expect some more videos posted on Panzer Grenadier, as well as a full BatRep of my latest Blucher battle. Below are some pics from the fight.

Cya next time.


The "Nashville" Battle Mat by Cigar Box was my inspiration for the scenario.

The French took up positions early, extending along a stream.

The Russians had a clear advantage having the high ground overlooking one of the main objectives - a village/bridge.

The cards  really came in handy - and looked great too!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Some WW II Action - and More...

Been delving back in to WW II gaming the past couple of weeks. In fact, sitting on my table even now is a pretty big battle using the Panzer Grenadier Deluxe set of rules. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a big fan of David Brown's rules systems - such as General de Brigade. So far I have been greatly enjoying the PG rules a great deal. All the flavor and narrative I so enjoy are found in these rules. Of course, I already did a pretty detailed review of the rulebook itself, so I wont go I to any more detail here - check out the channel for the video review :). Expect a full BatRep of the battle in the coming weeks. Anyway, it is enough to say I am really enjoying these rules.

On the review table for the coming weeks and months are Napoleon's Battles IV, General de Brigade, and some other goodies I wont go in to at the moment. Of course, I will not do a complete review unless I actually not only read all of the rules, but also have at least a couple games with. So these things do take time. I have played GdB however, so expect this one up soon enough.

Some people have been asking me about the SOLO Tactics series I am planning. It's enough to know that I have been working on this for some time. Most of the delays are about coming up with a format for the videos - something I believe I have figured out. So yes, be on the lookout for this new series soon. In it I will not only detail useful tips for improving your enjoyment of SOLO wargaming, but also go in to some of the philosophy behind playing SOLO!

To end the update, here are some pics from my recent battle using the PGD rules. Enjoy, and see you next time :)


The Americans assault the bridge - a vital objective held by German FJ units -  for the battle.

The FJ set up some deadly fire-zones overlooking the bridge, putting some well aimed fire with an MG42 section.

Ealy on the Americans were hit hard by German mort. fire. Here recon units are spreading out and taking cover.

A very dense lay-out for the fight. Lots of terrain with interesting tactical situations possible. I used the Cigar Box Nashville mat again for this one - one of my favorite mats.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Welcome to the Dash of Élan Blog/Vlog

Welcome everyone to the Dash of Élan blog! For those not yet in the know, this blog is the central hub of all my other blogs and vlogs dealing with the wonderful hobby of miniatures wargaming. A Dash of Élan is now THE place to link to access all the other blogs. It is also my spot to post anything about the goings on with the Dash of Élan YouTube channel as well. In fact, the channel is quickly growing as content is increased. So far I am managing about two videos a week with more planned - including a new series to be announced soon. Already I have posted a number of great reviews on rules such as Blucher, Panzer Grenadier, and Cross Fire. So head on over - link is on the side of this blog - and let me know what you think.

Here are some things I have planned for the Blog and channel so far:
  • lots more rules reviews,
  • new BatReps and LIVE Plays with the TtC community,
  • a new series called SOLO Tactics which deals with SOLO wargaming,
  • a new BatRep series which lets YOU, the viewer not only watch, but take part by making some key decisions during play,
  • and lots more!
Unlike most of my other wargaming blogs which are very focused on particular historical periods or genres of wargaming, a Dash of Élan is more generic with a focus on the hobby in general. Expect to see update posts here on this blog pertaining to the channel, as well as articles of a generic wargaming nature - things that don't really fit in with my other blogs. All in all I want this blog to be as useful as possible, even if you don't subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Here is the latest video I have done for the channel. Be sure to subscribe as well to see future videos. Part two to this one should be up before the end of the week.

I hope you all enjoy what is coming in the next few months. Hopefully we can get more exposure to not only miniatures wargaming, but historical wargaming as well. As always, feeback is welcome :)

Till next time...